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2021 Mid-Year Update

(Jan 11, 2021) Department Commander Greg Jackson and Sr Vice Commander Chip Kossow have announced a hybrid mid-year conference.

Our normal mid-year has been canceled due to COVID restrictions at the Elegante. But, the good news is that El Paso County is now at the Orange level and the Elegante can accommodate up to 50 people max in a conference room.

With that capability, Commander Greg has is putting together a Zoom mid-year on Thursday and Friday January 28-29 for 1 ½ to 2 hours for presentations by department committees. Greg will be reaching out to National Commander Oxford, National Vice Commander Leibenow and candidates Dillard and Fisher to make a live appearance on one of the days.

On Saturday morning will be the hybrid part of the conference. Chip Kossow will present the membership report and awards live on Zoom from the Elegante. The Law Enforcement Officers of the year awards will be announced. Annette Johnson will present the Children and Youth report. The Media awards will be announced, and the Commander has some special presentations. All of this will be done in person by the presenters. We will be able to accommodate up to the COVID max of 50 people to participate in this part of the mid-year.

On Saturday afternoon Boys State will kick off their program as they normally do with an in-person meeting. That meeting will be live streamed also. Baseball will conduct a training session in another room.

Commander Jackson is calling for a Department Executive Committee meeting on Sunday January 31st at 1 pm in Salon A at the Elegante. This will be in-person for those that can attend. Since the room is limited to 50 max only DEC members and Department officers and guests will be able to attend up to the 50 person limit. We will do an RSVP for this meeting on a separate email.

The complete hybrid agenda will be published as soon as the Commander has confirmed all of the presenters. You will receive links to the Zoom meetings a few days prior.

We need to keep this organization “On Mission”. This will be different, but it will be productive and successful.

Charles Pat Smith, Adjutant

Oratorical Contest

The Oratorical Contest is going as planned and more information pending. Make contact with high schools in your area to ascertain the correct contact. Boys State will be the first week in June. This year and this year only Sr. High School students will be allowed since there was no Boys State in 2020. However, the Sr Boys will not be allowed to attend Boys Nation. Request information so you can get it into your schools.

Additional information on the Department website.

Membership-District 5

(Jan 20, 2021) I want to thank all of you for making District 5 look good. Today the target was 80% and we as a District missed the mark by 1.2%. Great job and thank you. We have a few posts that are short of the mark, but they are in the neighborhood. The next Membership Target is 85% and that is February 10th. I would like you to contact Vice-Commander Chip Kossow at and obtain the DMS list for Veterans in your area who might be transferable to your post.

Go to to find Legion Members in your area that are assigned to Post 211. As a note, please stay away from members in Post 123 for they are ones that do not want to get involved in a post.

Thank you for what you are doing for Veterans and your members. Lets work hard to keep our members engaged and insure they are safe and stay healthy.

Dean Casey
District 5 Commander

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